Carlisle ECU Remapping & Diagnostic

ECU Remap From £69!

ECU Remap's And TDI Diesel Chip Tuning, Petrol & Diesel Engine Vehicles From Car, Van and Motorbike Right Up To HGV Remap's, We Can Offer Increased Power & Torque Along With More Economy As Well And Prices Start At Just £69!

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DPF Removal Services Dronfield

DPF Removal From £69!

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Removal And DPF Removal Remap, DPF Cleaning Service Along With DPF Regeneration, We Can Cater For Anything And Our Solutions Are MOT Friendly And Guaranteed Mainly Because We Understand How The DPF Works!

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Carbon Engine Clean 'Terraclean'

Carbon Engine Clean £69!

Carbon Clean is a service available via the UK network of approved service centres and mobile operators. The Carbon Clean service involves linking your vehicle to our equipment and using highly refined hydrogen cleaning process 
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EGR Removal Services Dronfield

EGR Removal From £69!

Many Cars Today Whether Petrol Or Diesel Have An EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Valve Fitted To Them. This Can And Often Does Cause Problems! But We Can Help.....

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HGV Remap & Adblue Removal Specialists Sheffield

HGV Remap & Adblue Removal

An ECU Remap Could Save You Up To 30% On Your Vehicle Or Fleet Running Costs! With An Eco Tune & Adblue Reduction Gaining Huge Cost Savings....

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Cheapest Remap Prices Remap's

Remap-UK Is A Genuine UK Registered Company That Offers Remap And Tuning Services Across The UK Through A Dealer Network, We Guarantee All Our Work And Aim...

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